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Welcome to Good Shepherd Child Development Center

Fall Open House: August 11-22th (Monday-Friday)

If you've been curious about our early learning programs, now is a great time to come check us out! We've partnered with several community businesses to provide fun prizes that we are giving away for the next two weeks to our visiting families! So, call and schedule your tour or simply drop by to meet our teachers and staff.  Who knows, you might find the perfect program for your child - and win a fabulous doorprize!! See you soon...

What will you find at Good Shepherd?

We understand how important it is to provide parents with trusted leadership, open communication, and a loving learning environment for their little ones. The Good Shepherd family is committed to providing a positive culture for children to flourish in every area of development - physically, socially, cognitively, emotionally and spiritually.  As parents, you'll be aware of the special milestones and moments in your child's day, and have peace of mind knowing that your child will be loved and well prepared for school - and for life.

        • INFANT CARE (starting at 6 weeks)
        • PRESCHOOL
        • SUMMER CAMP

Contact Us Today...

Good Shepherd Child Development Center

1401 Old Hundred Road

Midlothian, VA 23114

Call (804) 897-0260

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Testimonials from Good Shepherd Families

" Our three year old son has been cared for by Good Shepherd Child Development Center (GSCDC) since he was 15 months old. Recently we moved and decided to switch to another Center closer to home. After five weeks of teary mornings and a few other unpleasantries, we asked to come back to GSCDC, fingers crossed that we hadn’t lost our space. We were in luck, and the staff, particularly Michele, Traci, Rachel, Jessica, and many more, enthusiastically welcomed us back. It felt as if we had lost part of our family for those five weeks and now that we’ve returned, our son is back to his happy self and we feel a sense of relief and comfort when we drop him off each day. Although Good Shepherd is a distance for us, we plan to stay until he goes to Kindergarten because I know he will be happy, cared for, and in the best learning environment possible. We love Good Shepherd!" - Stephanie Arner


“Olivia is set for Grange Hall.  We went yesterday for registration and it went beautifully! She was a Rock Star!  She scored 99/100 on the testing.  I was a little concerned when we got there because she seemed nervous and a little timid, but we had the opportunity to sit down at the tables, get a feel for what was happening and by the time they called her name, she jumped up from the table, ran over to the teacher and said "I'm ready to take my test now."  The teacher looked at me and we both smiled...when they brought her back, the teacher said to me "This child is ready to start today!  I'll be looking for her name on my roster!" I have no doubt that Olivia's readiness for school is in large part to the dedication, time, and skills she has learned from all the staff at Good Shepherd.  As a mother, I have dreaded this day, I cannot believe that my "baby" is starting Kindergarten soon, but I am also confident that she has the skills to succeed!  I want to share the most genuine "Thank You" to everyone who has contributed to her success!” - Michelle Gossip RN, BSN, CCRN, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center


“Good Shepherd is a fantastic place for my child to learn and grow. I highly recommend enrolling for many reasons to include the best, most intelligent and creative teachers! My child has learned so much in his short time there. He comes home every day with new knowledge. It's amazing! I can only give the teachers at Good Shepherd the credit!”  - Anna McChesney


"I love all of my friends and I love all of my teachers. They are so nice. When I am feeling lonely they take a hug."  We can't thank everyone at Good Shepherd Lutheran CDC enough for making her feel so loved! This is exactly what we were looking for in a school for her. We are so delighted to have found you! -Abigail and Paul



"Thank you for the wonderful Preschool experience for both of our children who attended the Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Before Care and Summer program at Good Shepherd.  Deciding on a preschool was an important decision for our family. With the increased expectations for Kindergarten these days – we wanted to make sure that we found the best place to prepare our 2 children for success. GSCDC did just that and more. Academically they were ahead and continue to learn at an accelerated rate. My oldest child has had both K and 1st grade teachers tell me there is no room for improvement. At the K parent-teacher conference, our teacher told us she was very impressed with how prepared the Preschool equipped them for Kindergarten. Both of our children scored in the 90’s for the Brigance test. Our children were also better prepared emotionally in knowing how to handle conflict, sharing, routine, respect for their teachers and peers, and the overall joy of learning. They also learned to pray for one another, how loved and special they are, and have self-confidence knowing that Jesus is their Lord and Savior. The overall experience at GSCDC was rewarding for our family, and we only wished that they could stay there for elementary school."- Heather, Good Shepherd parent


"The teachers in the infant room are incredible. I can see the passion and love for the babies radiating from their eyes every day. Our sweet boy has really flourished in their care, and most importantly I know that he is getting a lot of sweet love! I enjoy getting his detailed report every day. We know he is in great hands. Thanks for all that you and your team do to make it such a great place for our boy to spend his special days! - Holly, Good Shepherd parent


“I wanted to thank you and the staff of Good Shepherd for the love and care you have provided our little girl over the past eighteen months. We have seen a tremendous amount of growth, especially in her compassion, understanding of God, value of friendship, and care for others. I feel so fortunate that we were able to send our child to Good Shepherd and I know she will miss her friends and teachers, past and present." - Donna, Good Shepherd parent


"My husband and I have had a wonderful experience at Good Shepherd since our son began in September! When we toured your beautiful CDC, we just knew it was the right place for us and we sure were right!!! As parents, we so appreciate all the ways you help to keep us connected and involve us in special activities for the children (Egg Hunt, Christmas Pageant, Book Fair with Valentine Dinner, etc.) We know he is in a safe, loving, fun and very educational environment that will prepare him and give him a solid foundation for his growth and development. Thank you for all you do to support your teachers and help give this environment to the children!" - Kim, Good Shepherd parent


“I wanted to let you know that we have all loved Good Shepherd this past year. Gretchen has been so comfortable, made many friends, and felt very loved all year. I have been pleased to speak highly of Good Shepherd to anyone who asks me where Gretchen goes to preschool. Thanks for all that you do to make this such a wonderful place!" - Jodi, Good Shepherd parent


We offer childcare, infant care, preschool, and pre-Kindergarten for families throughout Midlothian and greater Richmond community.

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